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Handy Tips for Improving Home WiFi Performance

Nowadays, assembling of a wireless home network isn’t a difficult task. You just have to keep in mind that the router and the main modem should be up-to-date and within the reach of each other. On the other hand, many homeowners are not aware of the options to maintain a home network and make it better. Well, a router or the modem alone isn’t enough to spread the WiFi range all over, but a Netgear range extender can do. Mywifiext is the local web address known for the installation and configuration process of a wireless repeater (extender).

Moreover, consider these creamy smooth suggestions for improving the security, performance, and capability of a wireless home networking system.

Add as Well as Upgrade Equipment

While WiFi gear can run for a couple of years before failing, so you should consider replacing the older and outdated version of equipment. On the other hand, many homeowners know about internet routers and access points, but they didn’t realize that WiFi and its technology are increasing day by day. Newer version of WiFi gear runs faster and is more reliable, compatible with your internet and networking devices.

Fix: Upgrade router and the modem with the latest version and for more speed switch to a Netgear wireless range extender.

Choose the Best Location for Your Router

Nowadays, people are in a hurry that they quickly set up their wireless network only to find that it doesn’t perform well in certain areas of the home, whereas others may enjoy a working setup at first discover that their network crashes when a cordless phone, microwave, juicer, mixer grinder, electronic gadget or a metal appliance is turned on or enabled.

Remember, a computer/ laptop in a basement, or corner of the room may suffer from chronically poor network performance. One quick and easy way to fix this problem is to locate your smart WiFi router away from such obstruction. If it is not possible to move your router away from them, then turn them off when not in use or when you are using your main router.

Change the WiFi Channel Number

Today, in most countries, WiFi equipment can transmit signals on several different channels just like televisions and radios. Remember, interference on a channel can impact your WiFi network’s performance a lot.

Nowadays, every router is shipped with a default channel number and most users aren’t aware of changing it.

Fix: In order to resolve this issue, change the channel number on your WiFi system in order to improve the performance of internet connectivity and to avoid error while accessing

Update Your Existing Router’s Firmware

Nowadays, every WiFi router contains built-in programmable logic known as firmware. As much as software, firmware can also be improved and upgraded.

On the other hand, a version of firmware is installed on the router by the manufacturer, and this logic is very necessary for the protection of the device. Also, many routers offer a firmware upgrade capability that offers users to install a newer version of security software.

Increase Signal Strength as well as the Range of Your Existing Router

It hardly matters that wherein residence a wireless router is installed, but sometimes the WiFi signal will not be strong enough to maintain a better internet connection. On the other hand, the likelihood of this problem increases the further away from the main router a client device is and more obstructions, such as brick walls, metal appliances, electronic gadgets, stand between router and client or WiFi-enabled device.

Fix: The easy way to solve this problem is to upgrade the WiFi antenna installed on the main router. Note down that some routers do not support antenna upgrades. The alternative to this is installing an additional device called a WiFi booster or a repeater.

Increase Signal Strength as well as the Range of Clients

With smart WiFi routers, you can improve the signal strength of wireless clients as well. You have to consider this when dealing with a single WiFi device that suffers from a very short signal range as compared to the rest of internet or networking devices. Well, this technique can improve the ability of laptop computers to connect to internet without any difficulty, for example, WiFi hotspots.

Many homeowners in today’s modern world consider their wireless network setup a successful task when internet connection and basic file, data, videos and image sharing are functional. Conversely, the job shouldn’t be considered as finished until and unless proper security measures are taken.
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