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6 Guidelines for Choosing the Finest Location for Your Router

The performance of your WiFi home network depends upon the signal strength of the existing wireless router, access point and base station. When the wireless client goes out of the reach of your base station, it leads to a big disaster i.e. fail in the connectivity of Internet connection. Users locate boundaries of their network range and mostly experience a dropped, poor connection. Even after setting up a WiFi extender, you face issues like low connectivity when there is a difference between wireless client and router or any interference from third-party or same frequency devices.

Finding the best place for your device may result in a good better network performance. Just follow some of the below-given steps to improve your signal strength.

1. Avoid setting Prematurely on a Spot

For the better performance of your router, you are not supposed to set an impulsive location. Try to relocate your device timely to a diverse capable position. You are the only one who can find the best spot of your device to be placed. Suggesting a better location: Place your device in such a location that has a lack of interference with third-party devices and metal appliances.

2. Place your Device in the Middle or the Bottom of Your House

In case you are having only one wireless client, installation and setup of your device is best to be configured when it is nearby your base station (router). If you are the owner of multiple WiFi devices, find a location that has lack of poor connectivity i.e. the best negotiation location. Now, take the help of an Ethernet cable and connect one of your devices to the router and select that network whose range you want to extend.

3. Avoid Reflective Surfaces and Physical Barriers

A WiFi radio signal can be one of the biggest disasters of obstruction that create interference between your device and the main router. Thick walls, electronic gadgets have the least poor impact that can never let any of your devices connect with each other and to build a strong bond of Internet among them. Mostly, the WiFi signals leap because of mirrors, windows, cupboards, stainless steel devices, etc. this is a natural fact and the biggest barrier that no one is aware of and no one even care to bother.

4. Regulate the Antennas of Your Router

Sequentially, to get the better performance of your Internet range is to place the antennas of the router in a straight vertical position. You can also buy an additional set of antennas and place them at the center of your house. The existing will automatically catch the new WiFi range and spread the WiFi signals all over the house.

5. Do not Place Your Router near to any Metal Appliances

It is least marginally acceptable that the daily use gadgets of your daily life are the biggest reason for creating distances between all your smart devices. It is better if you place your router to some other room that would be at least 50-60 feet away from each other. The reasons behind suggesting are a user is simple. Most metal and electronic gadgets come with the same frequency. Those appliances that send out 2.4GHz frequency are known to WiFi interference.

6. Switch to a Range Extender

Buying a range extender is the best thing ever. It vanishes all dead spots that lead to poor connectivity. Also, it lets all your smart devices get rid of signal interference caused by metal appliances and electronic gadgets. It is better if you place your extender within the range by your router (20 feet) after that you can move your device to its intended location. The range expander covers all the barriers caused by third-party devices and gives you access to the unbeatable and high-speed Internet from the door-step to the backyard of house.